One place.
Many possibilities.

What can I use

WannaBuy for

For HR

we will take care of your team’s well-being
we will calculate due wages and social benefits
we will take care of their implementation in accordance with the law and tax regulations
we will allow employees to decide on the benefits themselves
we will settle all benefits
we will motivate and loyalise your team
we will build a team based on, among others about sports, cuisine and a healthy lifestyle

For sales

we will take care of the achievement of business goals
we will build relationships with distributors
we will reward for the implementation
we will conduct rankings
we’ll charge you an extra bonus and give you an endless catalog of prizes
we will take care of product education
we will introduce competitions detached from sales

For marketing

we will provide an almost endless catalog of prizes
we will issue tax reports
we will settle the winnings
we will brand the WannaBuy platform with your client’s identification

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