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  Employee benefits


Do you know that statistically only 27% of employees use the benefits received from the employer?

Therefore, we will easily give employees the opportunity to choose benefits and decide whether they want to have a sports card, medical care – or maybe they prefer to exchange the same holiday budgets, accumulate funds and allocate them to a parachute jump – this is the freedom of choice for your employees with complete no need for your involvement.


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  Social founds & taxes


It’s time for your employees and the system to do everything for you.

Enter the rules for granting benefits once and the WannaBuy system itself:

  • – Will gather information on the average income per family member
  • – Grant of due funds to be used under the Social Benefits Fund (also in terms of multi-society)
  • – It will ensure that the funds are implemented in line with the SFO regulations

And you will receive a ready report on the use of funds….


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Marketplace, freedom of choice!


We know how difficult it is to please everyone … according to their location, age, gender, interests – so let all employees decide for themselves what to choose!

Funds for benefits? Annual Awards? Christmas bonuses? Budgets for team outings? Load these funds in one place, define the rules of use and … wait for the final reports!


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Well-being, for the best Employers!


We like as many as how many of us are there …

Some do sports, others culture – good, and if we could, like social ninjas, show in our workplaces how many smiles we have shed while helping others, how many beautiful sports achievements do we have on our account? What if we all saved CO2 by cycling to work? And how many times will we go around the globe doing 7,000 healthy steps a day? How will we influence ecology, change the world? How will we… CSR be and… what discounts will we exchange our goods for? And good for us!


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Challenges and rankings


Do you know how many liters of water you need a day to consume to ensure a minimum of health? And did you know that your friend from the next desk is baking a delicious and healthy carrot cake …?

Upload a photo of a walk in the park, take an average of 7,000 steps a day, change to a bike – get discounts!


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Something for the kids


How many times would we need help for an idea of what our children are taking care of – here we are, with the whole KIDS zone!

Learning through play, education and exploring the world, on-line courses and training – what do you choose?


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And as a reward … a discount!


Wouldn’t it be nice if each of your employees would receive access to special promotional offers in return for their commitment?

Cheaper on vacation, cheaper on Zalando, cheaper …… you want?


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