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Endless catalog of rewards


How difficult it is to match an award to interest, age, location – and to please everyone.

We know this, that’s why we have created a catalog in which you decide what categories of awards are available and we will take care of delivering the award in … 2 minutes from its selection by the user! Yes, yes – 2 minutes, all prizes are realized in the form of electronic vouchers, of which we currently have over 2.5 thousand items!


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Automatic Tax Forms


Oh yes, we like Tax Forms a lot 😊 That’s why we will issue them for you, fully automatically – and your only role will be to send the finished file to the Tax Office.

Unless you like needlework…. ?


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You can customize the appearance of the WannaBuy platform with your own or your client’s logo.

It’s your role, upload your logotype during configuration and choose a color – can you do it?

If so, no problem – DIY ♥ on WannaBuy, in minutes!


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