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Realization of goals


Are you working on hard (like sales) and soft (like quality) goals? Great!

We have a solution for you that:

  • – It will help you communicate the current achievement of goals,
  • – Reward for their achievement and

Motivate to achieve them


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Rankings & challenges


Choose your best employees in the rankings on any parameters: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually – the decision is yours.

Configure the way rankings are calculated once, define the rewards – and watch the results change!


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Sales support


Do you work with the distribution forces? Are you thinking about introducing gratification for referrals?

No problem – in WannaBuy you can define the remuneration for each item of the product or collective packaging, and the system will calculate the gratification itself and immediately enter it into the user’s account.


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Data exchange & systems integration


Nothing simpler – data from excel files or automatic connection of systems – WannaBuy will adapt to the solution that is possible in your company.

And if it is a problem for you and you do not feel well in technical matters – your guardian from WannaBuy will take care of it for you and your comfort.


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Marketplace / catalog of prizes


How difficult it is to match an award to interest, age, location – and to please everyone.

We know this, that’s why we have created a catalog in which you decide what categories of awards are available and we will take care of delivering the award in … 2 minutes from its selection by the user! Yes, yes – 2 minutes, all awards are made in the form of electronic vouchers!


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Education & new products implementation


Knowledge about products and competition – this is an extremely important element for all industries and types of trading forces.

Thanks to WannaBuy, at any time you can conduct quizzes, serve knowledge, check who has read the information presented or reward quiz results with virtual cash or discounts.


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Non-sales challenges

Man does not live by work alone!

And teamwork is built beyond the elements outside of work. That is why we provide mechanisms for sports, culinary and cultural challenges – those that will result in healthy competition regardless of your targets and sales results.

For motivation, for CSR, for your well-being. Together, we can contribute to the amount of CO2 saved, eat well and … thus win discounts and rebates in many places all over your country!


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